Nars Blush: Orgasm or Dolce Vita? PT. 2

All right. So you bought two blushes and a foundation brush in the space of three hours. You’re wallowing in guilt, staring wet-eyed and panicked at your rapidly decreasing (and always fluctuating) bank balance. You’re torturing yourself over your propensity to “shop in haste and repent at leisure,” and wonder if you’ll ever have the steely willpower of your peers, who can see a stick of lippy and (wonder of wonders) walk away.

I didn’t walk away, unfortunately (or fortunately), on that ill-fated trip to Mecca Maxima. I saw the blush, I wanted the blush and I bought the blush. Do I regret it? I felt a twinge of guilt, I’ll admit, a bit of shame, but if you spend your time steeped in regret you’re not going to enjoy the product.

And I love the product.

Nars Blush (in Dolce Vita) is a lovely deep and dusky rose colour. It’s incredibly matte, heavily pigmented and has a decent overall wear time. It’s less sheer and natural than Orgasm and has no shimmer, but gives the skin quite a nice blooming flush. 

To illustrate, in this oh-so-completely-natural-and-not-posed-at-all public bathroom selfie:


And this embarrassment:


The effect is quite subtle and soft. You can layer for extra effect and drama, but I quite like the damask-cheeked damsel look. It makes me feel like a nineteenth century country lass, skipping through fields of flowers, instead of a twenty-first century city rat.

The Flower Girl Painting by Hans Zatzka; The Flower Girl Art Print for sale

The Flower Girl by Hans Zatzka


In short, I approve.

But which is better in the Battle of the Blushes? Dolce Vita or Orgasm? In terms of everyday, wear it out and about blush, I think Orgasm is a slightly more versatile and universally flattering shade. It brings out a very natural beauty to the skin, and I felt absolutely comfortable and pretty while wearing it. 5/5 for me, all expectations exceeded, and quite deserving of its cult status.

But, that being said, let not Dolce Vita be discarded or disregarded! It is gorgeous, and I can definitely see myself reaching for it in the future. With some striking red lipstick and winged eyeliner, this is the perfect blush if you feel like getting dolled up. Again, 5/5.


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