Jumping on the Mac Bandwagon

I have a love/hate relationship with Mac makeup.

On the one hand, they’re good quality, affordable (for AU!) products with a wide variety of choice. On the other hand, every foundation I have bought from them, without exception, has given me horrible, awful, soul-wrenching, grief-inducing breakouts. I looked great, don’t get me wrong, but what a price to pay!

So I steered clear. I resisted their chic black counters and dolled up, heavily prevalent makeup artists. I listened to my friend, She-of-the-Raging-Mac-Passion, dutifully as she coaxed and prodded and pried, but remained firm. I was perfectly fine with my Estee Lauder and Chanel, thank you very much and thanks for asking.

Yes. I was fine… at first. Then I was broke.

So I compromised. I would give Mac another go. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my lipstick shades, anyway, and it was just as good excuse as any to buy some more. Lipstick was safe – lips don’t break out – and from what I had seen, in my furtive prowls through the aisles of Myer, their range was alluring. They even had different finishes (imagine that!): Cremesheen, Frost, Glaze, Lustre – the list goes on!


Image via

Decision reached and loins girded, I put on my dark sunglasses and headscarf and headed into the big, bad world of unfamiliar makeup. I bought a Lustre lipstick (name: See Sheer), after being told it was a lovely, rosy, natural finish.

It was coral. Coral.

Coral is one of those colours that, like peach, make me look ill and distinctly undesirable. It felt moisturizing, sure, and imparted that ‘just kissed; just bitten’ flush that is so heavily sought after, but the shade so clashed with my skin tone that I wore it a couple of times and then never brought it out again.

Long story short, I avoided the Mac counter for another couple of months. Then I tried again. And oh lordy, the spoils from this foray have been memorable.

I have two Mac lipsticks that I have been wearing, on – no off, for the last couple of weeks. The first, a Cremesheen finish, is called Creme in Your Coffee. It leans more towards brown, with a lovely, rich undertone of plum. It’s quite flattering and perfect for work. Wear-time is decent – I can go at least four hours without a touch up, and there’s always colour left on my lips afterwards. As the name suggests, it’s a heavier lipstick. It can sit in the furrows of chapped lips and clump unattractively. A blot and a bit of lip balm can solve these issues, but if you like to apply your lipstick quickly and sashay out the door, you might want to give this one a miss.

The second Mac Lipstick is called Spice it Up and has a Lustre finish. As the name suggests, this one is lighter, glossier, and more moisturizing. It’s an absolutely stunning colour: a gorgeous, brown-tinged, apple-rose red that lights up the face without downplaying its presence. The wear-time isn’t as impressive as Creme in Your Coffee, but who cares? For this dash of gorgeous, I’d happily make my visits to the powder room a bit more regular.

So there you have it. Two lipsticks that have reignited my interest in the Mac brand, and not hurt my bank balance (overly) in the process. I’m glad that I took a second look and didn’t let one bad purchase prejudice the whole, but now that I’m firmly ensconced on the Mac Bandwagon, it’ll take a small miracle to tumble me off.












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